Grammy Party!

As you most likely know, this past weekend was the Grammys! My classmates and I went to a party at the Grandview Theater and Draft-house, sponsored by Groove U, Donatos, and the Columbus Music Commission. I was able to reconnect with someone I had recently worked with at Tech Art Productions in Columbus and was able to have a conversation with a few others. There were many working professionals that attended this event and really showed us that you can make a living in this competitive industry doing what you love.


That was not the only inspiring thing that I saw that night. As we entered the theater to watch the Grammys on the big screen, Alicia Keys appeared as the host of the event. She was not only wise and beautiful, she was inspiring to those of us going into music as a carrier. She really brought the excitement of the awards and the celebrities of the event and focused it on the real reason we were all gathered that night. Music. She introduced music as inclusive, loving and as a universal language that all of us who share the human condition can understand. From that simple explanation of why we came, we were able to expand and celebrate the successful music influencers of the year.


Surprisingly enough, some of the artists that we saw preform and receive awards I did not recognize. A few of the country artists and rappers I was pretty unfamiliar with. This event gave me the chance to not only take a moment to appreciate the music I know and love, but to also expand my taste and appreciate the other music that inspires other individuals around the world.


This was also a great experience to get to know some of my peers and classmates in a different environment. I saw how they interacted with other industry professionals, how they approached new situations and I was also able to see the “mainstream” music that they appreciate based on who they were hoping would win an award. There are students in the second year of the program at Groove U that I do not often connect with and this was a great chance for me to catch up with them.


Overall, the Grammy party was a success! We shared a moment in music, for music, and with others in the profession of music. It was beautiful. And the pizza was delicious. I’m sure that Groove U, Columbus Music Commission, and Donatos will host another Grammy party next year and I hope to see you there!


Abby K Davis