Still Working!!

Hello Lovelies,

This is an update on my work at the church! Some of the pieces are finally coming together and I’m going to talk a little bit about what I’m doing. I have been collaborating with the one of the pastors of the church to really bring our visions together. We have the website almost finished. It is live but private so we can put all of our content on it once it is gathered. We need to upload the blogs, the podcasts and keep up with the social media. And the “Cup of Covenant” logo is even going to be printed on mugs that will be for sale.

Working in the courtyard!

Working in the courtyard!

The hardest part is going to be organizing media with the different content creators because the biggest part of this project is keeping the voice of the church in the content while also developing its identity. I plan to stay after the three services every week to work on editing the podcast and uploading it that day. I also am really enjoying working there at least once a week for a few hours in their beautiful courtyard. Being there gives me the chance to talk face to face with the staff about my ideas and theirs as well. 

I am most excited about making the site live! It will be at This will probably happen in one to two weeks so we have time to get some more content up. I am looking forward to maintaining this and keeping it up so that the work of the churh is preserved. So far this has been a wonderful experience and I am thinking about how I can make a full time job doing this kind of work for small businesses and churches in the area. 

Thanks for reading and following my work! 


Abby K Davis