Summer's Half Way Over

Unfortunately as I type this I am realizing the fleeting nature of the summer months. Not only does this mean less swimming, less sunshine and regressing to unbearably white skin…. It also means that my internship is over half way over. Now, I do have a 3 week internship in Chicago starting next week. But, my summer-long one at the church is over half way complete. I have defiantly learned a lot. This includes mountains of technical work, but interestingly enough, I have learned the same or more about work place dynamic and social interaction in the workplace.

One technical thing that I have learned working on website development in Squarespace is about their potential for podcast hosting. Before I learned that I could just upload the audio file directly to my Squarespace page, I was going to purchase an account on Buzzsprout for the RSS feed and then use that on the site. This would also give me the potential to distribute it to other platforms if the podcast caught on. I did some reading and found out that not only could I upload the file to Squarespace directly, but it ALSO is connected to Apple’s platform for podcasts. This will work for the church for now and save us money in the long run.

I’ve learned how to use the church’s analog and digital boards. I enjoy working on both of these consoles because they each have their own pros and cons. In the main traditional services I work on the digital Allen & Heath board and have learned the basics and intermediate functions. I am now capable working it and running sound and setting up the stage by myself. Because I am always learning and always choose to engage myself in opportunities for growth and learning, I pretty much learn something new about the job or the console or the people every week!

I think the biggest thing that I have learned as I progressively take on more responsibility in this job is being able to think (and communicate) on my feet. I have a base knowledge for what I am doing but some people assume I know more than I do. So when I encounter a question I do not quite know the answer to, most of the time I am figuring out an answer as I say “Well….. I would……( then insert answer here)”. My brain is only working a few seconds before my mouth. Or in some cases I have just learned to humble myself and honestly say, “I don’t know” or “That is above my knowledge at the level I am at”. And with this response I have always been met with compassion and understanding. I have learned to trust people for help.

All this and more from a few weeks working with amazing and generous people. I am so thankful that I have had the privilege to learn from them. I am so so very excited to see what opportunities come in the future!



Abby K Davis