Coffee Thoughts - Love Reflection (NEW VID)

I have edited a music video for the first time and this blog post is an introduction to it’s appearance on my website!

For this video I had to learn the basics of using Adobe Premier and let me tell you, it was so much fun. Yes some of it was frustrating, like loosing footage and saving issues on different versions of the program…. but what can I say… I was able to create. In the moment of editing, all I could feel was how great it was to be working on something that no one had ever seen before. I was creating something uniquely different and my own.

This music video was for a song called “Lavender Memories” and we wanted the plot to be of the artist walking through dream sequences connected by doors in odd places.

Now, looking back on the video weeks after I finished editing it, I can see that it is not the best thing in the world. It’s not even the most average thing in the world. It’s not good. But I am ok with that. I could tell you all the things that I would do differently, things that I hate about it, things that I wish I had known when editing or filming it..but I won’t.

I know the technical things that I have to do to make myself, my editing and filming better. Yes, I am nervous to put things like this out because I know it’s not the best. But I realized that I can’t hide away everything that I create because “It’s not perfect”. I have to reflect on what I created, love it for how it is, and be able to apply what I’ve learned to make my future projects all the more great.

When you see the projects that I work on in my portfolio page, it is a snapshot of my skill at that moment in time. I will always be improving and honing my craft. I promise. ;)


Abby Davis